feature tense


John  :   hi bob whats up? bob    ;   hi john , I'm fine thank you  how about you john?  john   ;   of course I'm fine , hmm soon will be a school holiday , whats your plan ? should we go                          together ? bob    ;     ya , i have a plan , me and my family will go to the beach tomorrow , do you want to join? john   ;    what beach and where ?  bob    ;    Kuta Beach in Bali and i will go with my family in 20 December  john   ;    I'm sorry bob but me and my family in that date wants going to attend the music event bob    ;    no problem john , I hope your holiday will fun john   ;    thanks bob


Last december me and my family going to Malaysia , before going to Malaysia we go to soekarno hatta international airport to depart , fly from Indonesia to Malaysia its take 1;45 minute in the air , when we landed in Malaysia we go to the imigration check to verified our passport , after finish a imigration , my sister call uber in her phone to go bukit bintang  ( uber is a online driver ) , after the uber driver come to pick up us , me and my family went  bukit bintang  , in bukit bintang my mother's has booking a hotel , after arive in hotel im sleep in the room because im so tired.

       First day in malaysia we going to pavillion mall , pavillion mall is very close from my hotel maybe just 5 meters from lobby hotel to pavillion mall , in pavillion mall we go shooping from 10:00 Am to 20;00 pm because the mall ist so big

       Second day in malaysia we go to genting highlands , genting highland is the biggest casino and the coldest area in malaysia , genting is far fr…

plane crash

LDKS event in military base part 1

       Thursday in 20 september 2017 , me and my friend went to military base , in there we are not on vacation but we learn how to be a leadership ,  to be a leadership is not easy because we need to have soul of leadership

In 19 septrember 2017 , after study in school me and my classmate went to new hall , because in new hall we have a announcement , after the announcement in new hall finish ,we are required to go home for rest because tomorrow we must go to military base , but I do not go to home because i have a event after school

In 20 september 2017 , im wake up early because we must arrive in military base in 7;00
i go to military base with my mom , my mom take me with car , after arrive in there i need to go to heli port

amazing building

royal clock tower
      Royal clock tower is the highest building 3 in the world because this building have 120 floor and the height is 601 meters , this tower build by saudi bin laden group , royal  tower have a clock in the top of the building , the clock is the largest clock face in the world , Inside of  the royal clock tower its so modern because this building inaugurated in 2012
this tower used for office ,.  hotel , mall , in ground floor  use for tunnel and bus stasion , in the roof top use for  Makkah Astronomy ExhibitionThis tower have a history  after the demolitionof the Ajyad Fortress, the 18th-century Ottoman citadel which stood atop a hill overlooking the Grand Mosque. The destruction of the fort in 2002 by the Saudi government sparked Turkish and international outcry. It is the world's most expensive building with the total cost of construction equaling US$15 billion.      But  in 2008 this building have controversy because this contraction Destruction of early Isla…

dialogue with my friend

Ridwan  : ''hey im ridwan  , may I now your name please?'' reyhan  : "Sure,I am reyhan ,I am from jambi,what about you ?ridwan   : "I am from bandung,and I am a student im studied in sman 3 bandung ,how about you?reyhan     : "ohh im studied in sman 5 jambi ,so what your hobbies?"
ridwan   : "My hobbies is playing football  and swimming,what about you?"
reyhan   : "My hobbies is a making video .Hey,do you like                                                 traveling?"ridwan   : "Yes, i like to traveling,what about   you,reyhan?       "reyhan   : "sure I like to traveling the world."
ridwan    : "nice , ok reyhan thankyou for speaking with you , i hope you enjoythis"reyhan    : ok nice to meet you ridwan bye....ridwan   : bye,.....

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umang island